Cabarita Beach Pet Resort

My kitties, Sushi and Bella, have stayed many times at the Gold Coast Pet Resort. They are treated wonderfully by the staff; well fed and cared for. The Resort is well maintained and seems comforting to the pets.

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Dog Care

Cabarita Beach Pet Resort kennels are regarded as the state of the art. Custom designed from ground up… indoor/outdoor kennels so dogs can relax on their trampoline bed or sit in the sun through the day at their leisure.
Dogs are let into large yards for playtime morning & afternoon. Medium to Large dogs go out two at a time male/female that are compatible for socialising & play. Discounts will be given to multiple pets who are from the same family ask staff for the price. No discounts in any holiday season.

We do offer Deluxe and Pamper packages for those dogs who love the extra attention. A minimum 3 days booking for packages to receive the hydro bath and nails clipped.

C5 vaccination is required for dogs and must be current in the last 12 months.

A new vaccination for the first time must be given at least 14 days before the check-in day.


Pet Taxi is available for Pick up and Delivery to and from the pet resort and to your vet.

There is a 8 day minimum charge over the Christmas / New Year period no discounts over this period. Full payment due 1st November

If a booking for Christmas is cancelled by 30th November a refund will be given less $50 booking fee.

All bookings cancelled in December will receive no refund.
No refunds or credits for early holiday returns in Peak period.

There is a 5 day minimum charge over Easter. Full payment due before Easter ask staff for details

High Care dogs to be determined by the Pet Resort.

  • All Veterinary COST’S and transport to the Vet is the responsibility of the pet owner and must be paid prior to check out from Cabarita Beach Pet Resort.
  • Cabarita Beach Pet Resort will not be responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, Sickness or Injury to any animals holidaying with us. All possible care is taken at all times.

Cabarita Beach Pet Resort is not responsible for your dogs coat matting while boarding with us, a grooming service is available on request by the owner and a charge will be added for this service.
Fees are subject to change

Payment by direct deposit, eftpos, credit card or cash PAYMENT DUE ON CHECK IN DAY.


Package Standard
$46.00 Per Day Low Season School  Holidays $50.00 Peak Season & Public Holidays $60.00 Per Day
$55.00 Per Day / School Holidays & Public Holidays $65.00 Per DayMinimum 3 day booking
High Care
$55.00 Per Day
$70.00 Per Day / School Holidays & Public holidays  $75.00 Per DayMinimum 3 day booking
Dogs are housed in a New Ultra Modern Kennel Facility with single Indoor/Outdoor Kennel Area. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tiled floors and Ceiling Fans throughout, with Piped Music playing 24 hrs a day to keep your Dog happy & relaxed. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dogs can relax in the sun though out the day if they wish or curl up on their trampoline beds for a snooze. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dogs Current C5 Vaccination Certificate and needs to be current for at least 14 days prior to Kenneling Yes Yes Yes Yes
If you would like your dog to receive special attention while staying with us you may want to have a look at our special packages available for your dog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play time morning and afternoon in our exercise yards Yes Yes Yes
30min walk on the lead each day around our scenic property with a lunch time treat each day Yes Yes
Warm hydro bath, nails clipped. Yes Yes
Daily 10min session of Reiki Yes
Daily 10min massage Yes
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Optional Add-ons

Beach Walk

$65 Per Session

How would you like to Treat Your Beloved Pooch

to a 1 Hour walk along the Beautiful Cabarita Dog Beach while they are on their holiday with us.

After an exciting hour at the beach your pooch will receive a warm wash to wash off all the sand & sea salt followed by a light massage and a cool treat to nibble on in the comfort of their own suite for the rest of the day.

You will also receive a photo of him/her having fun at the beach.

At all times Pets will be handled by Highly Professional Handlers Malcolm, Carol & Wayne

Yappy Hour

$4 - $5

Between 1–2pm you can treat your dog with a “Yappy Hour” consisting of a Kong filled with treats (Frozen chicken mince, beef/chicken brogh, peanut butter paste, liver treats, beef treats, kong cookies etc.) For those dogs who don’t like kongs we do give them other treats so they don’t miss out.

  • Small/medium treat = $3.00
  • Large treat = $4.00

Dog Day Care

$40 per day

Doggie day care is a fun day out Socializing and Playing with other pets in our large exer- cise yards with toys and play ground equip- ment, a day out here is guaranteed to be fun and adventurous it helps to break the boredom of staying at home alone while you are at work or a meeting or attending the doctor.


$28.00 per bath

If booked in under 3 days you can get your dog Hydo bathed at an extra cost.


From $25.00 for 10 mins

Animals respond very well to Reiki, and just like humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses, injuries and emotional problems. Reiki can accelerate the healing process of animals, ease pain, and improve or help to continue their quality of life.

Dog Grooming

From $76.50

Dog clipping is also available while your pet is on holidays here or for non boarders as well.

Prices are subject to size of the dog and the type of clip wanted so please inquire with one of our friendly staff.

Dog Walk


Dogs can have a 30min walk around the property through the day if they love to have some extra exercise.


$25 per 10 mins

Massage can contribute significantly to your animals ease of movement, health and quality of life. In addition to reducing muscle soreness and providing a well deserved pampering.

Bed time Cookie


Daycare Spa Day


Day includes :

A day filled with fun activities, including frisbees, ball chasing with staff and playing with other dogs.

Yappy hour is provided in the lunch break.

After lunch your dog will have another play then will have a wonderful Spa Bath with nails clipped and a Brush.

Pamper Spa Day


Day includes :

A day filled with fun activities, including frisbees, ball chasing with staff and playing with other dogs.

Yappy hour is provided in the lunch break.

After lunch your dog will have another play then will have a wonderful Spa Bath with nails clipped and a Brush.

Your dog then will enjoy a relaxation session with Massage and Reiki and go home all pampered.

Pig Ears or Biscuits



CALL 1300 883 684

Phone: 123 123;
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1/2 Cool Street,
Tweed Heads, 2485